How Can You Keep Your Carpets Clean After Professional Cleaning?

Congratulations on having your carpet cleaned by experts! But now how will you keep it looking clean?
Keeping carpets clean after a professional clean up can become a problem. You won’t have the pros around to assist you any longer, so what can YOU do in the interim?
Carpets are essential in any home, but they can be difficult to keep clean and tidy all the time. You can keep your carpets looking new and fresh with the help of professional carpet cleaning services and the right products – but doing so requires regular maintenance after each visit from the cleaners.
Following a professional carpet deep cleaning service, homeowners must follow certain tips for maintaining their carpet until the next service is scheduled. Once carpets have received professional treatment, it is easier to overlook their health and appearance. It should be avoided at all costs.
Carpets accumulate dust and dirt on a regular basis, regardless of how often they are cleaned. It is critical to prevent dust build-up before it becomes an airborne contaminant. Following are some simple methods that homeowners can use to keep their carpets fresh and clean after a professional cleaning service.

Continue reading for our top 7 tips for keeping your carpets spotless:

Do not walk on the wet carpet.

Refrain from using the carpet for a while after a professional service, as you may re-soil the area. The majority of professional carpet cleaning services involve steam cleaning, and even though powerful extractors are used, the area will take some time to dry. If your carpet is ruined immediately after a professional treatment, it is largely ineffective and a waste of money.

Vacuum frequently                                                                                       

A professional carpet cleaning is not a one-time event. Even if your floors are spotless right now, the gleaming sheen won’t last forever.

Whether or not everyone removes their shoes, dust, allergens, and other debris particles may find their way into the fibres of your carpet. Even if you hire a professional to keep your carpets clean, this can leave your flooring dull and dirty.

Vacuuming on a regular basis can remove surface dust and refresh your carpets. It can also help to reduce allergens and odours in the home. The number of times you vacuum per week is determined by the needs of your home. High foot traffic, pets, and children can all contribute to the need to vacuum on a regular basis. Keep ahead of the game by vacuuming before you see.

Take Care of Your Feet                                                    

Take off your shoes before walking across your freshly cleaned carpets. This prevents dirty footprints and debris from spreading throughout your home. This strategy not only keeps your carpets clean after the contractor leaves, but it can also extend the life of the cleaning.

Contrary to popular belief, you should not walk barefoot on your rugs. Your bare feet’s oils can stain your clean carpets.

How should you walk on your dry, freshly cleaned carpets if you can’t wear shoes or go barefoot? When walking on your rugs, wear clean socks or slippers. To avoid dirt from extra foot traffic, ask other household members and guests to remove their shoes (when possible).

Just blot

Blotting absorbs spills, whereas when you rub the carpet, it causes them to soak into the carpet fibres. First, use water to clean up the spill. Make use of fresh white towels. According to some sources, you should use a stain remover or carpet spot cleaner or stain remover. Some experts also advise against using harmful chemicals, instead try using dish liquid soap. If this fails, get in touch with expert cleaners.

Keep an Eye on Your Animals

When you have pets in the house, it can be difficult to keep your carpet clean and spotless all of the time. Any pet stains must be removed as soon as possible. If your pet sheds a lot, vacuuming twice a week can help.

Your pets’ sharp claws can also rip your carpet. To avoid such mishaps, trim and file your pet’s claws to prevent threads from snagging.

Protect high-traffic areas

High-traffic areas of your carpet are more likely to become stained and matted over time. Place mats or rugs over these areas to protect them. Vacuum these mats or rugs on a regular basis as well.

Maintenance should be done on a regular basis.

The professional carpet cleaning you recently paid for will not last indefinitely. Even with regular vacuuming, your carpets will require professional attention.

When should you have your carpets deep cleaned? There is no magic number or formula for determining when carpet maintenance is required. Consider the following before creating a carpet deep cleaning schedule:

  • How many people visit your home? The higher the foot traffic, the more frequently you’ll need a professional to clean your carpets.
  • How many pets do you own? Do you have any animals? Your carpets take a beating from the fur and debris your dog tracks in from their outdoor play periods and walks. If you have pets, you will require more frequent services.
  • Special occasions. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations necessitate the use of new carpets. Along with cleaning your carpets before these events, you should also schedule service afterward.

Thus, the above tips will help you to keep your carpets clean after a professional clean-up. If you are looking for expert cleaners, feel free to get in touch with us. We are a reliable company that has a proficient and skilled team to look after your carpet cleaning needs. If you want to get free quotes on any of the carpet cleaning services, we are just a call away.

Important Factors While Choosing The Right Carpet Cleaner For Your Carpets

You love your carpets a lot and you keep them clean too but when it comes to giving it the best. Do you choose the right carpet cleaners for your carpets? Before you hire a carpet cleaner you should check some factors by keeping in mind when you choose a carpet cleaner for your carpets. So let’s see what are the important things or factors. You should check to a higher right carpet cleaner for your carpets.

Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner

1. Pricing is key

Carpet cleaning can be very costly for you so it is very necessary that you get what you are in pain for. If you will not choose the right carpet cleaner for your carpets then you might not get the result that you have expected from Carpet cleaning. An affordable Carpet cleaning company gives better results than an expensive one. Professional Carpet cleaning is very beneficial in many aspects. But it is very necessary that you hire the right carpet cleaners for your carpets. They can give you the result that you have Wanted from Carpet cleaning. So, before you hire a perfect cleaning company do check its pricing and compare it with the service they are providing you.

2. The type of cleaning

Every Carpet cleaning has its Carpet cleaning techniques. So, you should always check what kind of Carpet cleaning technique they are going to use to clean your carpet. Many Carpet cleaning companies prefer to use steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning methods. So, to hire the right carpet cleaner for your carpet. You should check what method they prefer to use for Carpet cleaning.

3. Knowing the needs

For choosing the right carpet cleaners, you should always know what kind of treatment or care your carpets need. The right carpet cleaner for your carpets will always ask how many stains are on your carpet or how old your carpet is. They will also examine your carpet on their own by visiting your house with you. 

4. Check insurance, license, and bonding

You should always check that the carpet cleaning company you are going to hire is licensed or has a bond with the state or not. The right carpet cleaners for your carpets also have an insurance policy. If any of your precious things or furniture gets damaged during the process, then, they will cover it for you.

5. Years of experience

For hiring the right carpet cleaners in Richmond, check how much experience the carpet cleaning company has. It is very important that you check their experience. If they are new in the field of carpet cleaning, then, it does not mean that they will not be able to give you the best results. Before hiring them, do check their references.


Hiring the right carpet cleaning is a very important thing to do for your carpets. So, before you hire any company, you should check all the factors we have discussed above in this article. Contact us today on 0340 507 972.

5 Carpet Cleaning Facts you need to know

If you think that you want to clean the carpets well then you should find out the best possible ideas. This is very much possible, if you keep your mind on cleaning tasks. You can either hire someone who is good at it or you can follow a few good Carpet Cleaning Richmond solutions. Before you start cleaning it yourself, there are a few facts that you need to know over this subject.  So, just read on for further details over this.

Here are some interesting facts of Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Power of vinegar and baking soda powder:

If you are looking for the best cleaning facts then you must never underestimate the power of vinegar and baking soda powder. These are the two best cleaning agents who would help in cleaning the stains and also to remove the bad odor from the carpets.

2. Quick action of hot water and salt:

Since carpets might also catch mites and there would be mold issues too, you must inspect the carpets once every week and then figure out the options. If you think that the carpets have become quite rugged and dirty and you want to change the carpet and buy a new one then before that try and soak the carpet in hot water and salt. You will see that when the carpet comes out, it will be pretty new in look.

It is always better to check the cleaning and washing instructions on the carpets. If you keep this fact in mind then you can create a perfect feel for the carpets.

3. Effective assistance of experts:

You can compare which cleaning methods would be best for you. If you want then you can take help of a reliable Carpet Cleaning company. This will really work wonders and provide you with the best options.

4. Do not remove the stain prevention that has replaced

You must not tear or lift the stain protection while cleaning the carpet. You can instruct the cleaners that do not remove them.

5. Eliminate the dirt mites

These creatures are present in the carpet fibers, and it is invisible. They cause you allergies. Thus, you can treat them by hiring professional’s carpet cleaning services to eradicate them.

Stay open to choosing a reputed firm

When you come across a reputable and the best cleaning solution, things will be quite easy for you. Just check the reviews and see how there will be better options available. You can then think of the ideas and that will take you a long way. So, plan things in the right direction and see what will be the best thing you will have to work over. Carpets that are good in looks would be a warm welcome for people who visit your space.

They provide you with the best services ever

With the best avenues that you have, you will have to take the steps ahead and find the relevant solutions. Carpet Cleaning is a specialized fact and you have to put in some efforts to clean the same. They know that every solution can bring in something better and hence, you must understand that we have many happy customers and perhaps this is really a useful thing. But talk to them first and do let them know the details of your carpets so that they can give you the perfect options as such. Their solutions will make your life super easy.

Don’t Forget to Vacuum These Places in your Home

Vacuum cleaning is the best way to get rid of dust and stains on your carpet. Use of the cleaner helps sort out the gunk accumulated inside the carpet in the form or bad odour and bacteria.

It is quite evident that they cover the majority of space in your house. All you need to keep in mind is a simple trick to cover the corners of the carpet along with the areas that have maximum footfalls. Those are the places that are most prone to developing dust and allergens.

Let’s Take a Look at a Few Things That Will Help:

  • Windowsills: –

    Windowsills pick a lot of dust and dirt, and accumulation of these pollutants increase over time as they are the most part of the house. Before cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, make sure you have covered the window sills first to ensure dust does not settle in quicker on the sills.
  • Blinds: –

    Another component within the arm’s range are the blinds on your window that you can make put your vacuum cleaner to use for besides carpet. Window blinds are where the air flows in from outside carrying all sorts of dust and pollutants that settle on your carpet. Using a crevice tool and wiping the blinds with a wet cloth helps filter the air.
  • Mattress: –

    Every time your linen needs change, ensure the mattress is cleaned with a vacuum. Mattresses, just like carpets are most infected with dirt and fecal matter and need timely cleansing. You can sprinkle baking soda on the mattress before vacuuming it. It holds properties that absorb bad odour.
  • Fridge Coils: –

    The part of the fridge that is often covered and mostly out of sight. It seldom occurs to us to clean the behind of the fridge. The crevice tool always comes handy for getting rid of damp dirt that gets collected on the coils. You can clean the area once every three months though.
  • Keyboards: –

    This is often never thought of or paid any heed to. It is probably holding onto more dirt, dead skin cells, hair strands, and food crumbs as we speak. To avoid dislodging the dirt in unwanted places, make sure you use the vacuum cleaner outside to clean it outside the house.
  • Vents: –

    Vacuum cleaning of vent and ducts is a good way to ensure pure air circulation inside the house. A soft brush does the trick in many cases.
Vacuum cleaning Service

These are common areas that are often overlooked while cleaning our house or preparing for carpet cleaning in Richmond. Make it a habit to vacuum clean the areas mentioned above as well.