Don’t Forget to Vacuum These Places in your Home

Don’t Forget to Vacuum These Places in your Home

Vacuum cleaning is the best way to get rid of dust and stains on your carpet. Use of the cleaner helps sort out the gunk accumulated inside the carpet in the form or bad odour and bacteria.

It is quite evident that they cover the majority of space in your house. All you need to keep in mind is a simple trick to cover the corners of the carpet along with the areas that have maximum footfalls. Those are the places that are most prone to developing dust and allergens.

Let’s Take a Look at a Few Things That Will Help:

  • Windowsills: –

    Windowsills pick a lot of dust and dirt, and accumulation of these pollutants increase over time as they are the most part of the house. Before cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, make sure you have covered the window sills first to ensure dust does not settle in quicker on the sills.
  • Blinds: –

    Another component within the arm’s range are the blinds on your window that you can make put your vacuum cleaner to use for besides carpet. Window blinds are where the air flows in from outside carrying all sorts of dust and pollutants that settle on your carpet. Using a crevice tool and wiping the blinds with a wet cloth helps filter the air.
  • Mattress: –

    Every time your linen needs change, ensure the mattress is cleaned with a vacuum. Mattresses, just like carpets are most infected with dirt and fecal matter and need timely cleansing. You can sprinkle baking soda on the mattress before vacuuming it. It holds properties that absorb bad odour.
  • Fridge Coils: –

    The part of the fridge that is often covered and mostly out of sight. It seldom occurs to us to clean the behind of the fridge. The crevice tool always comes handy for getting rid of damp dirt that gets collected on the coils. You can clean the area once every three months though.
  • Keyboards: –

    This is often never thought of or paid any heed to. It is probably holding onto more dirt, dead skin cells, hair strands, and food crumbs as we speak. To avoid dislodging the dirt in unwanted places, make sure you use the vacuum cleaner outside to clean it outside the house.
  • Vents: –

    Vacuum cleaning of vent and ducts is a good way to ensure pure air circulation inside the house. A soft brush does the trick in many cases.
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These are common areas that are often overlooked while cleaning our house or preparing for carpet cleaning in Richmond. Make it a habit to vacuum clean the areas mentioned above as well.